Caring for the community



Deputy superintendent of police, Sandesh Chodankar felicitated 40 community youth at the Goa Reserve Police Camp, Altinho for their community policing contributions at Verna Police Station in 2019.

Chodankar was one of the visionaries of this project when he was the police inspector at Verna Police Station last year. Project United 1000 was held in association with the Verna Police Crocs and Cops community policing unit at Verna Police Station from October to December 2019. This project was coordinated by the Crocs and Cops project in charge and the community policing hostage and crisis negotiator, Anish Quenim in partnership with the Houston Police Community Affairs Division, Houston, Texas, USA, which was coordinated by sergeant Jeremy Lahar.

A total of eight colleges were involved in the eight projects shortlisted as part of an evidence based community policing analysis for crisis negotiations. The first place was won by Carmel College for Women, Nuvem; the second place was won by Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Higher Secondary School, Cortalim and the third place was won by the Bachelore of Computer Applications (BCA) batch of MES College, Sancoale. The three colleges worked on improving community health care, youth and police partnerships and digital policing integration. 

The youth who were felicitated and thanked for their contributions were students of Carmel College for Women, Nuvem, Janice Sanerly Fernandes, Afrin Shaikh, Rochelle Maria Braganca, Jwelancy Tresha Anria Fernandes, Danisha Juwenel Fernandes, Rachel Carmel Rodrigues, Karen Joan Fernandes, Lincy Kristlin Fernandes, Sheevona Vivek Dabholkar,  Denzila Threza Pereira, Prabina Prasad,  Tabitha Sherna Fernandes and  Stacey Reynella Rebello; students of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Higher Secondary School, Mercy Simeos, Ruthika Naik,  Maria Fernandes, Nisha Tari, Shejal Naik, Rushil Gosavi, Shubham Singh, Rohit Yadav,  Linsley Barreto, Rinku Sahani, Sumeet Shah and  Freban Dias; students from MES College, Keluskar Prerana Prakash, Peerzade Arfa SayedBasheer, Yadav Shruti, Adarkar Raj Arvind, Ganachari Omkar, Helawar Akash Hanumesh, Mirzani Farzain, Parsekar Faldeep Punaji, Pereira Justeave, Shaikh Aaryan, Sayyad AhmadHussain, Shubham Kumar Singh, H Nehal Shivshankar, Vinod Raichur and Bhawesh Deshmukh.

In view of the ongoing pandemic, all social distancing and COVID-19 protocols were observed during the felicitation ceremony. The felicitation was meant to take place in first quarter of this year but was delayed due to the lockdown. 

The 2019 project archives of United 1000 may be viewed on the official Crocs and Cops Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.