Luizinho seeks withdrawal of armed police force deployed at Davorlim




Expressing his disappointment over the BJP-led government of the state for deploying armed police force at  Davorlim,  the local  Congress legislator Luizinho Faleiro,  on  Saturday, wrote to the Governor, urging him to understand the people’s sentiments opposing the ‘ill conceived’

“It is with much pain that I am constrained to address this letter to your good self. The state and its people are agitating against the  three  ‘ill conceived’ projects – double tracking of the railways,  coal transportation and handling, and large scale deforestation at Mollem, which projects have been dumped upon the state much against the wishes of the people of  Goa. It is, therefore, essential to understand the people’s sentiments against these projects and withdraw them forthwith  as the administration cannot  and should not bulldoze  projects upon people which are being  opposed for genuine reasons,” he stated in the letter.

Faleiro further lamented that “the administration has deployed armed police force at the sites of the projects to ensure its completion  and to throttle  the opposition  from the people. This measure by the administration  is completely unacceptable  and I accordingly  request  your good self to prevail upon the government to withdraw the armed policemen from the
said sites.”