Joaquim re-inducted into Congress party

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Girish Chodankar seen welcoming former minister Joaquim Alemao back into the Congress party fold on Saturday. 



The Congress party in the state re- inducted the former party legislator Joaquim  Alemao into its fold in the presence of party leaders and  hundreds of grassroots-level workers, amidst a show of strength and style indicting that  the party is focusing on  youths and new faces in the forthcoming assembly elections.

Joaquim’s son Yuri also the party on the occasion.

Along with Alemao, hundreds of  supporters, including  a few sarpanchas and councillors of  Cuncolim Municipality, former sarpanchas, former chairpersons and  several elected  representatives of the various panchayats rejoined the party, stretching the re-induction event to  more than an hour. 

Supporters were seen crowding the venue near the district Congress office.  The live band in attendance was an added attraction for the event.

Yuri, the commercial pilot by profession vowed to work for the party in Cuncolim and  also in Sanguem and would contest the election, if the party  decides to give him the ticket.

“I was meant to  fly (being a commercial pilot, taken training in  Australia), but now  I have  been grounded and working with the people  from the time I  arrived in the state. I am committing to work for the  party and  would dedicatedly work in tandem to uplift it,” he said in his speech, wherein he briefed about his father’s political career in Congress.

He also took potshots at the BJP intermittently in his speech.

Digambar Kamat, the Leader of Opposition and former chief minister explained how Joaquim had  served the people of  Cuncolim while he was the minister in his government in 2007-2012.

He said  Yuri will carry on the  development-baton of  Joaquim  and would serve the people of  Cuncolim. 

Kamat  criticised the  BJP for not carrying out any development in Cuncolim during the last  five years.

He also alerted the  Congress party workers  to be prepared for the election any time. Luizinho Faleiro said that Congress party is a movement and a family.

“Congress party is a way of life, to continue with the progress.  Some says Congress party is a weak party, but it is not,” he stressed, advising the  Alemaos to  iron out differences if any within the Congress family.

Girish Chodankar said that the people of  Goa will stand by the Congress party in the forthcoming elections.

“Congress party scrapped a few of the projects, which  people opposed.  But this  BJP government and the chief minister are surrendering to the PM and  the  Adanis, forcing the anti-people project like double tracking. We will be with the people,” he voiced amidst applause from people.