Wrong Path To Economic Recovery

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is gung ho on “significant improvement” in state finances and not only lifted all austerity measures but will fast track recruitment of 10,000 vacancies in government and there is going to be more borrowing for specific projects etc!  At the same time there is a CII-YI Goa report of studies in key sectors of the state like agriculture, tourism, manufacturing services, mining etc showing a gloomy outlook where decrease in revenue is more than 50% and 5% fear they will have to shut down business. Others will have to lay off employees and future outlook for investment is bleak! The government borrowings are at an all time high and drastic changes with computers use, reduction of staff and working from home, online conferences and  improving  financial governance demands reducing staff to reduce present and greater future liabilitues of  excess staff, welfare and pension etc which will be a millstone round the people’s neck. Lean and efficient staff is the crying need of today to improve governance and give people efficient services that are factually sorely lacking!

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim

Artists Warned To Vacate Govt-Housing

It refers to media-reports about final warning now given by central government to about 20 artists to vacate government-accommodations till Dec 31, 2020, who were initially allotted under earlier UPA regime for three years but subsequently extended again and again till the ear 2014 after which these artists had been unauthorizedly occupying prime government property in Leyton zone of New Delhi without any extension. Present NDA government has been and rightly too very strict on unauthorized occupation of government accommodations. Earlier UPA government in its last days had allotted 6 Krishna Menon Marg to Babu Jagjiwanram Foundation and 12-14-16 Gurudwara Rakabganj Marg in New Delhi on long-term lease to indirect conversion in memorials of Babu Jagjiwanram and Manyavar Kashiram since otherwise these government-bungalows could not be converted into memorials according to a cabinet-note of the year 2000 passed in NDA regime of Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. Central government should immediately cancel lease of 6 Krishna Menon Marg and 12-14-16 Gurudwara Rakabganj Marg in New Delhi to undo yet other wrong done in UPA regime.


Jellyfish Stings Along Goan Coast

In the past few days Goa has witnessed jellyfish being washed across it’s beaches. It is learnt that there have been over 90 cases of jellyfish stings reported along the Goan coast during the last two days. Of these 25 cases required immediate first-aid. It is understood that in one particular incident, a man who went parasailing at Baga developed chest pain and experienced breathing difficulty after being stung by a jellyfish. Jellyfish can be both toxic and non-toxic. Though jellyfish stings are harmless to human beings as they cause only mild irritation, in some cases they can prove dangerous. Some varieties of jellyfish do release powerful venom into the skin. Prompt jellyfish sting treatment can quickly alleviate pain and prevent a sting from getting worse. Use of vinegar is effective in reducing the burning sensation and the release of toxins which if left in the body can have serious consequences later on. Untreated cases can also cause allergic reactions. The lifeguards on the beaches need to be trained to treat cases of jellyfish sting. Ice-packs should be readily available to reduce the pain and swelling along with vinegar to treat such cases. More importantly tourists venturing in the water should be advised to get immediate treatment if they come in contact with jellyfish. Sign-boards warning visitors to the beach of the jellyfish menace should prove effective in reducing such incidents.