With love, to students


The staff members of St Xavier’s College, Mapusa recently released a music video titled ‘One Love’ to reach out to their students during this pandemic. NT KURIOCITY finds out more


In these pandemic times, everyone is doing their bit to spread positivity. And a similar effort has been taken by the staff of St Xavier’s College, Mapusa. On November 15, the college released a cover song video of Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ which has crossed over 7k views already.

“The idea of the video came up during a conversation with another two psychology teachers Ubaldina and Eulalia while we were planning on what we can do as a department for Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 3 to 9, 2020),” says assistant professor, Psychology, St Xavier’s College, Fr Ramiro Luis, adding that usually the department conducts a lot of activities during this week.

However, owing to paucity of time, the video, which took about a month’s time of work, could not be released during the Mental Illness Awareness Week itself. But they went ahead with the idea and have now finally released it online.

And Fr Luis states that the Mental Illness Awareness Week was especially relevant this year. “In these difficult times we are forced to be distanced and that is very stressful. Also, the students who have completed their degrees have not got enough opportunities to go out of the state or country because of travel restrictions, so obviously they too are under stress,” he says. “Thus, through this video I want to tell them that though it is a difficult time when we smile together, things look better.”

The main reason for choosing this particular song for the video, says Fr Luis is the lyrics. “Every word of the song means a lot in this situation,” he says.

While it was impossible to accommodate all the staff of the college in the four minutes five seconds video, 75 members of the college make their appearance in it, and a few of them have also lent their voice for the song.

The song was recorded at Pietros audio and video recording studio in Anjuna and Fr Luis credits its owner Rabin D’Pietro for doing a good job with his editing skills and giving their video a good form.

This was a lovely initiative of some teachers to come together voluntarily and use their singing and musical talents to reach out to the students in an informal yet heart-warming way. I think the song is a reflection not of a particular college but should be viewed as a unique reach out from any teacher to their students across the academic spectrum. Students are the life of our campuses and we truly miss all of them.

Associate professor, Department of Psychology, Ubaldina Noronha

It was a wonderful experience for many reasons. Firstly, it was for all our students who have been missing the college for a really long time and secondly I got to work with my colleagues and friends. Also, those behind-the-scenes moments will last a lifetime.”

Assistant professor, Department of Bachelor of  Computer Applications, Stalin D’sa

“I have first-hand experience of the bond that the teachers and students share at Xavier’s. And now as a faculty I am trying my best to carry on the legacy my teachers left behind, ie of maintaining a good relationship with the students. It also goes to show that the teachers at Xavier’s are quite talented.”

Assistant professor in Biotechnology, Anjelica Matias

Being a part of this song dedicated to all the amazing students of St Xavier’s College, Mapusa, and telling them that they have our support during these trying times, is really special. St Xavier’s will always be home to past and present students, after all we are one big happy family and that is truly magical.”

Lecturer, Giselle Figueiredo