SVVM holds webinar on health and social distancing


Department of physical education and sports and counselling cell, Swami Vivekanand Vidyaprasarak Mandals (SVVM) College of Commerce, Ponda organised a webinar on ‘How to maintain physical and mental health’. A total 100 participants and four faculty members were part of it.

In his welcome address, principal of the college, Subhrahmanya Bhat expressed gratitude for all the participants and spoke about the importance of mental and physical health, and how it is related to each other.

The first speaker was college counsellor, Pranita Kalangutkar who focused on an individual’s mental health. She began the session by asking participants what is health and mental health and explained the definition given by WHO. This was followed by a video on how mental and physical health are fundamentally linked.

Various positive impacts of exercise were discussed such as positive effect on depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, stress reduction and enhancement of self-esteem. Kalangutkar winded up the session by saying: “Even though we cannot see mental illness in the same way we can see a broken leg, it is important to remember that just like a broken bone, with the right treatment and support, people can recover from a mental illness and live happy, healthy lives.”

The next speaker was college director of physical education and sports, Yashodhan Kharade who stressed on regular, physical activities which can improve fitness and health. He pointed out that exercise should be a regular part of our day; it can be in gym class, joining a sports team or working out on our own. The advantages of these exercises were discussed.

In addition to exercise, he mentioned that making few changes in our life can help keep us healthy. One should eat three healthy meals a day, including at least four servings of fruits, five servings of vegetables, and four servings of dairy products. He also discussed the nutritional value of food. He appealed to stop drinking soft drinks, and eat less junk food and fast food because it is full of fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar. He also made an earnest request to get eight to nine hours of sleep every night so that our body gets enough rest and our nervous system gets rejuvenate from all the strain.