Back to the gym


While you welcome the chance to go back to the gym, follow social, personal and hygiene etiquette to enjoy a good workout

Country-wide guidelines for the re-opening of gyms as part of ‘unlock’ have been issued, and have garnered a big hurrah from the gym-going community. Those hoping to go back to their gym routine after remaining homebound for about seven months are undeniably excited; but they can jump back only if they take adequate measures to safeguard themselves at the gym.

Many gym-goers have switched to e-tutorials to continue their workouts, while a majority of fitness enthusiasts have adopted running, cycling and yoga as their mode of workout. However, for all these workouts too, following social etiquettes are a must! Infectious Disease Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Anita Mathew shares some precautionary measures against COVID-19 to be taken before, at and after the gym.   

Before you hit the gym:

¦ Renew your membership online or over call: Ensure that you use the contactless booking and payment methods to get your membership in place. Avoid queuing up at the gym to discuss the matters face-to-face with the trainer.

¦ Pick a suitable timing: Speak to your trainer to discuss your workout needs, and also the appropriate time at which you could come in to work out. This way, you can opt for non-peak hours to finish your workout. Arrive and exit the gym at the pre-defined time.

¦ Prep your supplies: Prepare your gym bag with a few face masks, a water bottle, a sanitiser, wet wipes and your own yoga mat. Come prepared, do not share or pass around your supplies for general use. You may also want to invest in a few pairs of gym gloves and sweat bands, which can be washed before reuse – that way, you can segregate your gym clothes and accessories.

¦ If you are unwell, stay at home: Don’t try to optimally utilise your gym membership when you are sick, stay at home, and return to the gym only upon your doctor’s advice. You can also check your body temperate before you step out of home, so you can stay back if required.

At the gym:

¦ Sanitise your equipment: If you don’t have gym gloves, its fine, sanitise the equipment before use. After you are done using the equipment, sanitise your hands – carry the sanitiser in your pocket.

¦ Social distancing is a must: Don’t greet your long-lost gym buddies or trainers with a hug, maintain appropriate social distancing. Do not huddle in groups.

¦ Always wear your mask: Mask and face shield should not be removed during workout. Even while talking to your trainer, the mask and face shield should be on.

¦ Do not share your gym supplies: Your towels, mats, gloves, water bottles and sanitisers are strictly for your personal use. Do not pass these around in general.

¦ Opt out of other facilities: Avoid using the showers at the gym, also give your massage sessions a pass – avoid all engagement that would enquire you to remain in a confined space.

After workout:

¦ Sanitise: Wash your hands with soap and water, or sanitise your hands before getting into your car, handling your keys, or using any other non-gym item.

¦ Don’t hangout: Stick to your gym time and don’t hang back to chat up with your friends round the corner. It is also avoidable to crowd near the gym’s juice stall.

¦ Wash-up: After you return home, have a hot water shower; your gym clothes, gloves and towels are to be washed separately. (IANS)