Exercise Maximum Restraint To Curb COVID-19



With a steady stream of good news emerging that various multinational companies are on the verge of, after peer-reviewing, manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines for inoculation, it would be prudent that everyone shows extreme restraint to be able not to surrender the advantage that the coronavirus is well under control in India at large and in Goa in particular. Pfizer (above 90 per cent efficacy), Sputnik V (over 90 per cent efficacy) and now Moderna (above 94.5 per cent efficacy) are the big multinational companies that will be able to manufacture and supply vaccines in a very short time, may be by January next year. It would thus be prudent that the advantage of reducing infections and fatalities should be maintained at any cost as the winter with temperatures from 30 maximum to 18 minimum degrees centigrade might mean that the virus may rear its ugly head again. Like when Goa was in the green zone, with zero infections and fatalities, it would now be prudent to, at all costs, not surrender this advantage. Many more companies will roll out their vaccines and thus everyone will have a choice of vaccines to choose from. So it would be in the fitness of things to maintain social distancing with empathy, wear face masks, sanitise with sanitisers, wash hands with soap, maintain your surroundings spic and span, boost your immune system by intake of immune boosting foods and supplements, exercise strenuously and breathe fresh air especially in well-ventilated surroundings as well as tree-lined environment. Even though we are in the festival season, maximum restraint should be exercised to curb the spread of coronavirus until the various vaccines come to our rescue. The advent of winter means a little bit of more restraint and observance of protocols need to be adhered to.