COVID-19: Be Cautious As We Head For Green Zone

With the number of new COVID-19 cases in Goa reducing by the day to the present level of around 100 and less per day, Goa seems to be well poised to regain the earlier coveted position of being one of the few states to be in the privileged ‘green zone’ during the pandemic. An enviable position indeed when several other states like Delhi, Kerala, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana and others are witnessing a spike and preparing for a probable second wave of COVID-19 cases. One, however, hopes it is not too early to shout till we are totally out of the woods. The festive season is on, and as usual, a large number of tourists are expected to tour Goa during the Christmas-New Year fortnight. So let us be extra cautious by observing all the state regulations and standard operating procedures (SOPs). The tourism department has done well by cancelling the three-day annual EDM (electronic dance music) festival in December. So has the Church by doing away with the huge gatherings during the nine-day novena services and on the feast day of Goa’s patron Saint Francis Xavier, on December 3, by having only online masses and adorations.


India-Pak Conflict: Effective Diplomacy Need Of The Hour

Whenever Pakistan is involved in ceasefire violations, we not only condemn the incident in the strongest terms but vow to teach a lesson to that country. There is also no end to the flow of messages on Facebook and other social media platforms. In the recent skirmish at the Line of Control (LoC), five Indian soldiers and six civilians were killed. The very next day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi retorted that India will give a fierce reply, if provoked. Pakistan has not only provoked but carried out attack on our troops, killing eleven people. They have crossed all the limits. This is not the first time but it is recurring after every three to four months. It is high time both powers understood that peace on borders and climate free from military skirmishes was in the best interest of both the nations, otherwise such clashes are bound to continue. No sophisticated arms and Dassault Rafale, (the multi-role fighter aircraft) can save the situation. Then a media build-up that India is tolerant and Pakistan has nefarious designs further pollutes the atmosphere. Talk of teaching a once-for-all lesson and a fierce reply, if provoked, can only feed the ego of ruling power and the intolerance group. Need of the hour is effective diplomacy and continuous communication between the nations. Extremism on both sides is dangerous and bad for both the countries. Let us give thousand chances to our enemy to become our friend; it is a good investment, which will give rich dividend in future.