Porvorim residents to protest against water shortage today




The residents of Porvorim constituency are agitated over the short supply of water since the last 20 days despite surplus rain this year. The residents have decided to protest with buckets, tumblers and other items before the PWD office in Porvorim

Speaking to this daily, they revealed that the water shortage is troubling Porvorkars since the last couple of days in many areas while the concerned assistant engineer in the PWD revealed that it was due to disruption in smooth supply of power that had led to the water supply interruptions.

“The assistant engineer Borkar has said that there was no electricity supply at the sump at PDA Colony on Tuesday between 3 am and 6 am, which resulted in short supply of water when the capacity of the sump is 3000 cubic metres approximately,’’ they added.

“He also stated that from this PDA sump, water is being pumped to the overhead tanks in the Housing Board Colony and other surrounding areas but due to interruptions in power supply, there was shortage of water supply,’’ they alleged.

They said, the people of Porvorim are suffering due to non supply of water at various spots for the last couple of weeks despite lodging complaints to the water supply department the supply of water has not resumed till date. Even during the Diwali festival people had to suffer for want of water in their areas on the auspicious occasion.

Besides, the water supply department is not showing any responsive approach towards the water woes of the people in Porvorim to act on the problems immediately and finding one or the other excuses to shield themselves.

The residents of Porvorim have decided to unite against the PWD water supply mode and would gather near PWD office opposite Health Centre, Porvorim at 10.30 am on November 18.

“The shortage of water supply is not happening for the first time in Porvorim, but it has been going on and on for the past so many weeks.  When the residents are asking the officials to meet and discuss to resolve the problem the officials are refusing to meet with the residents, ‘’ they