Extra Grants For Sanitisation At Schools

Classes for Std X and XII are to commence in Goa from November 21. With a dip in the number of coronavirus cases in the state, it is possible that the classes for all standards could start sooner than later.  It must be said that as and when schools in the state reopen for all classes, carrying out sanitisation and maintaining hygiene will obviously be of prime concern for the school administration. All the benches in the classrooms will have to be sanitised after each session is over. Other areas within the school premises will also have to be sanitised regularly. High levels of hygiene will also have to be maintained. Obviously the expenditure of the schools will increase significantly as the school administrations will have to follow the recommendations of the government as far as sanitisation and maintaining hygiene are concerned. School administration will also have to procure sanitisers in bulk as well as thermal scanners for use which can cost quite a bit. It may not be financially feasible for all schools to spend on the sanitisers and extra workers required to sanitise the schools and maintain hygiene as well as procurement of thermal scanners. The government needs to come to the financial aid of the schools by providing extra grants for sanitisation and maintaining hygiene in the schools as and when they reopen for all classes.


America Has To Find Way Out Of Mess

The pandemic figures are alarming. 2,43,000 have perished in the pandemic in the United States. America now accounts for 10,000,000 infected cases out of the over 50,000,000 cases worldwide, almost one fifth of the total number. 1,60,000 are the current number of corona virus cases each day. Is America self-destroying itself? Is the imperialist or capitalist system of government where success is achieved at any cost and those that do not succeed fall by the wayside is damaging the soul of America. To add insult to injury, the country is embroiled in a divisive battle that is not showing as yet signs of a smooth transition after the presidential elections. Will whichever is the next dispensation be able to heal the deep wounds inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The contending power seekers have to realise that enough is enough and that America has to begin to find its way out of the mess and decay that has tarnished the image of the greatest democracy in the world.

Elvidio Miranda, Panaji

Ceasefire Violations By Pakistan

India has lodged a strong objection to the violation of the ceasefire by Pakistan. The Charge d’Affaires of the High Commission of Pakistan was summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs, and a strong protest was lodged over unprovoked ceasefire violations by Pakistani forces, on multiple sectors along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir on November 13, resulting in the death of four innocent civilians and serious injuries to 19 others. The MEA also reminded Pakistan of its bilateral commitment to not allow any territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India in any manner. Pakistan must follow bilateral agreements and do not harm the citizens in Jammu and Kashmir.

Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)