Need To Interlink Rivers

THE ambitious plan of the government of providing piped water to every home by 2024 seems to be highly impractical as there are innumerable arid stretches extending to several kilometres in the country where even water tankers would be a big challenge. In order to cater to the vast population, large number of tanks and reservoirs have to be built, which will be possible by trans-basin water transfer from surplus river basins to deficit ones. For this, interlinking of rivers is the need of the hour as rivers are mostly rain-fed.


Ridding Ponda Of Garbage Menace

IN Ponda we come across garbage dumped along roadsides at different locations. It is rather unfortunate that the garbage is not cleared regularly and the ultimate sufferers are the travellers and pedestrians proceeding along the routes. On many occasions the emerging stench is unbearable to the passersby. As a result unhygienic conditions become the order of the day. During recent years, garbage has been regularly dumped along the road in the vicinity of KTC bus stand along Ponda-Farmagudi route. The same remains neglected for long thereby causing inconvenience to public at large. Even tourist vehicles proceed along this strategic route and the prevailing ugly picture sets a negative image of the Ponda town in the eyes of the tourists. Similar situation has been noticed behind KTC bus-stand along the road leading towards the Farmagudi circle. The situation has exacerbated. The concerned authorities should take a note and make surprise checks so that defaulters are caught red-handed and fined accordingly.


Challenges Ahead For Cong

THE lacklustre performance of the Congress in the Bihar assembly election and the by-elections in different parts of India has exacerbated the crises that the party faces.  The party had banked on different factors in different states to fare well in the elections.  Lack of strong leadership in the party at different levels, organisational weaknesses,    new political developments and reluctance of voters to place unconditional trust on the party contributed to its disappointing performance.   In Bihar, the Congress failed to cash in on the anti-incumbency factor against the ruling NDA.  It managed to win only 19 seats out of the 70 it contested. Contrary to the expectations of the   party that electorates in MP would give a fitting reply to the BJP through their votes for toppling the Congress government, they cast their votes against the Congress. The party fared worse than that in UP where anti-incumbency factor was very high. The  inability of the Congress to  make a comeback in the UP elections despite  rise  in  number  of  crimes  against  women and human rights violations,   points  to  the party’s pathetic state. In Karnataka too,  voters cast their votes in favour of the BJP  disregarding the unethical toppling of the  Congress government by the BJP. The high vote share difference between the BJP and the Congress in Gujarat is indicative of the fact that the party has alienated itself from people and the issues that affect them. Unless and until the party leadership realises the frailties that have affected the party and takes corrective measures, it will adversely affect the party’s future prospects. Decline of the Congress is certainly detrimental to democracy.