New tourism policy aims to woo high-spending tourists




The state government on Friday notified the Goa tourism policy 2020, which aims to make Goa the most preferred destination around the year for high-spending tourists in India by 2024 and a world-class international tourism destination by 2030.

The policy has been notified for enabling the framework for implementation of the Goa tourism master plan over the next 25 years prepared to bring about a planned and holistic development of the tourism sector of the state.

The government has claimed that the policy has been developed in a collaborative manner over a period of two years incorporating feedback, inputs and suggestions from various stakeholders.

The government wants to make Goa one of the safest tourist destinations as per world-class standards and provide fast, reliable, affordable and comfortable travel, transport and support services that ensure a seamless experience for tourists travelling in and out of Goa.

The government intends to develop and promote tourism infrastructure in an

environmentally and ecologically sustainable manner through appropriate plans, programmes and policies.

The policy aims at redeveloping and rebranding Goa as a diversified tourism destination that offers a combination of culture, ecotourism, heritage, nature, coastal and entertainment based attractions for domestic and international tourists.