Delhi In COVID Grip

WHILE COVID cases have been on the decline in the country, Delhi has seen  an unprecedented daily rise in the number of new cases of the coronavirus pandemic. This worsening COVID situation has emerged because of the hurried unlocking of the economy and lifting of restrictions on gatherings in Delhi. Central and Delhi governments should re-impose restricted lockdown in the city: religious places, cinema halls, restaurants and other such places should be put under lockdown. Gatherings, including those related to marriage ceremonies, must have  maximum of 50 people. Not more than 20 people may be allowed at a crematorium. City life should be strictly disciplined by imposing emergency-like conditions to remove all encroachments from roads, footpaths and public places so that pedestrians could maintain social distancing. MLAs, councillors,  officials and  police personnel should be made accountable to ensure a totally encroachment-free city. Complete lockdown  at the two-day weekend should be imposed.


Train The Law Enforcers

ALTHOUGH there are strict laws and SOPs as regards rape cases, they are not enforced properly: women are raped even in police custody. With religion and caste discrimination embedded in our society, the poor and weak have no recourse to justice. It is therefore suggested that the  laws and SOPs be strictly implemented. There is a need for those graduated to the judiciary, and also police, to be given proper training in law enforcement. Training should be imparted soon after recruitment like in the armed forces; people hailing from all backgrounds must be treated equally and with respect. Judges have a lot of discretion, but judgments cannot reflect their biases, religious beliefs or caste prejudices; they can’t  pass ‘filmy’ orders. Their orders and verdicts  should strictly be guided by the Constitution and the law.


Cruel  Recourse By Farmers

A dog was blown to death on Wednesday after it accidentally ate a food item stuffed with an explosive, which was meant to kill wild boars, in a forest in Canacona taluka. It is understood that this has been a common occurrence in the forest every night and that several farmers have complained that wild boars have been destroying their paddy crops. Wild boars could also be killed in such a manner for their meat. Whatever may be the reason, it does not call for such a violent action which can kill the animals in the most barbaric way. God forbid, it could be a human being who could be maimed or even killed by such a crude bomb after stepping on it while walking in the forest. Other methods need to be adopted by farmers to prevent wild animals from destroying the paddy crop. Other methods could be adopted – proper fencing of paddy fields, digging a ditch around the plantation, laying traps for the animals and the trapped animals being let out in the wild, and making noise by beating drums to drive away the animals could resolve the problem. Also,  police need to warn the farmers not to use explosives to kill the wild animals and take necessary action against those who violate the laws.