Areas in city market notified under pay-and-park system




After introducing 24-hour pay-and-park facility along the phase-II route in the city, the north district Collector on Thursday notified three more routes under the pay-and-park system.

These include road adjacent to municipal fish market along the old post office, the road adjacent to municipal fish market along Royal Foods and basement and surrounding area within Panaji municipal market.

The area under basement and surroundings include municipal market shop number 19 to shop number 15 of Panaji municipal market, ground floor for freight pay parking and in front of these shops for four-wheeler pay parking;

from Sulabh toilet on ground floor to shop number 7 of Panaji municipal market on ground floor for two-wheeler pay parking; from shop number 7 to shop number 1 for two-wheeler pay parking. From shop number A-39 to shop number A-43 for two-wheeler pay parking (2 lanes) and opposite Dempo House pay parking for four-wheelers.

The rate mentioned in the notification is Rs 20 for four-wheelers for first hour and Rs 15 for every additional hour.

For two-wheelers, parking fee would be Rs 4 for up to 4 hours, and Rs 8 for parking between four hours and twelve hours, and if exceeds 12 hours but less than 24 hours, the rate is Rs 15.

The order has restricted vehicles, carrying fish to the fish market, from parking in the designated parking lots due to spillage of water from these vehicles, which results in unhygienic condition and foul smell.

The Collector said the parking slip receipt issued to the motorists should bear the letter head of CCP and the contact number of the responsible officer of CCP to ensure that grievances, if any, are expressed to the concerned. Also complaints, if any, shall be redressed by such officer.

It asked to ensure that no vehicles shall be allowed to be parked on the corners or close to an intersection which will block the vision of the motorists.

Moreover parking space in four-wheeler parking area on each road should be earmarked for at least two emergency vehicles at all times and asked to exempt parking fees on space reserved for the vehicles of persons with disabilities.

It also exempted government vehicle from paying parking fees.

The Collector has asked CCP to be more vigilant about double parking in case parking is full as well discourage habit of parking in no-parking zone, on footpaths and on zebra crossings.

It asked not to block the access to the residential houses, business premises and other buildings and that the parking at the entrance of a residential building having parking facilities shall not be allowed.

It also asked CCP contractor to assist traffic police in ‘evacuating’ parking space for allowing VIP/VVIP movement or any other event or a public function to be held/organised in the close vicinity.