Lofty Ideas For Goa

WHEN the vehemence opposition to the three contentious projects is at its peak in Goa, it is ironical that former Union minister Suresh Prabhu speaks of state’s potential of becoming a multi-modal logistics hub. Prabhu’s idea is unwarranted keeping in mind the unique identity of Goa, which has been doggedly preserved over the generations by our ancestors. Every minister comes out with ideas of making Goa a logistics hub without giving due consideration to its fragile environment. The controversial projects on double tracking, power transmission network and expansion of the national highway are being opposed tooth and nail by Goans. These projects are being pushed by the Centre to help its cronies to amass more wealth at the cost of people’s health and environment’s wellbeing. There has been a strong worldwide push to replace fossil fuels with cleaner energy options like solar, nuclear and wind farms. The WHO has issued strictures against India and China, exhorting them to cut down on  coal consumption in the interest of public health. When there is strong clamour for phasing out coal utilisation, there can’t be a room for crony capitalists to cash in on the particular resource at the expense of public health and environment.


One-upmanship Of Local Vendors

EVERY year the Vasco market is flooded with marigolds and several vendors sell the flowers during the festive season. However, this year these vendors were conspicuous by their absence. It is understood that local flower sellers at Vasco on Monday drove out some 13 trucks carrying the flowers from Maharashtra vendors, who had come to the port town to sell the marigolds for the Dussehra. The local vendors claimed that they would not let “outsiders” do business in the port town. This is absolutely unacceptable. The civic authorities should have stepped in and not allowed this to happen. They should have control over the local market. Every Indian has the right to do business in any part of the country. The residents complained that the local vendors were selling flowers at exorbitant rates at the Vasco market. The vendors from other states would have provided stiff competition to the local flower sellers and the price would have come down.  It is pertinent to note that during the annual Saptah festival in the port town, hundreds of vendors from various states bring their wares for sale at the fair that come up along the Swatantra Path. This fair is possible only because of vendors from other states. The civic authorities in Goan cities should see to it that vendors from other states are allowed to do business in their respective cities.