‘Tremendous opportunities exist in 5G tech for India, US collaboration’



New Delhi

The US and India have tremendous opportunities to collaborate in the field of 5G which can also accelerate the development and commercialisation of modern technological solutions, a top US official said on Thursday.

Greg Kalbaugh, deputy under secretary for policy at the US’ International Trade Administration, added that such collaboration will also help in countering predatory trade practices of the Chinese government.

“I see tremendous opportunities to increase collaboration between US and Indian companies as the world advances towards 5G,” Kalbaugh said at a webinar organised by the US-India Business Council.

He said that by 2025, there will be more than 25 billion devices connected to the network that will carry a humongous amount of data.

“Companies in the US and India scaling the technology can meet the demand now and for the future.

“Increased partnership between the two countries can accelerate the development and commercialisation of the technology solutions, trusted vendors in the entire 5G ecosystem and promote trade and commerce in ICT, individual services and it can strengthen US India economic relationship,” Kalbaugh said.