Be Judicious In Wearing Face Mask



The issue of whether to wear or not to wear a face mask is being hotly debated, especially since those who have ‘leftist’ inclination suggest that face masks should not be worn. However, what seems to be common sense explanation as to why, where and when to use a face mask should be pertinent. In such a situation, especially in crowded places where the density of people is high, under any circumstance it would be prudent to wear a face mask so as to completely protect oneself from the possibility that an infected person, who is aware or not aware of COVID-19 infection may transmit the same to others. So in crowded public places as well as in a bus or a train, wearing a face mask should be compulsory. Also, after wearing a face mask for a long time, it would be prudent to retreat to a place, say an office with cross ventilation or elsewhere, if possible, like an open place where ample supply of oxygenated air is available so as to reduce the impact of having worn face mask and thus rejuvenating oneself with oxygen supply to the lungs in the vicinity of trees with plenty of green leaves so that the oxygen produced through photosynthesis can replenish the supply of oxygen to the lungs. It should be noted here that there is every possibility that wearing of a face mask for long can result in breathing in again the exhaled air, which contains carbon dioxide, in the mask which may congest the lungs and cause breathing problems. It may be stated here that breathing again of the exhaled air can lead to suffocation as also distress. In an open space like a garden or a sports stadium, while walking or jogging or running or playing, it would be prudent to remove your face mask, as rapid breathing during physical exertion may lead to complications of pulmonary congestion which may lose the impact of rejuvenation of the activity of lungs. Also, when moving up against gravity such as climbing of steps or running uphill, it would be prudent to remove your mask. In other words, be judicious in wearing a face mask. Be discrete, be safe and be healthy.