Relief To Motorists On CHOGM Road Short-lived

This is with reference to the news report ‘Motorists relieved as potholes on CHOGM road fixed’ (NT October 19).The photograph accompanying the above-mentioned report is only of a small stretch on the CHOGM road, in front of Sapana Gardens, which was taken up for repairs a fortnight back, but is once again proving to be dangerous to motorists, as the filled potholes and craters have opened up. The relief to motorists was unfortunately short-lived after the short spell of rain.  There are several other portions along the CHOGM road, which are also facing a similar problem, due to the shoddy patchwork repairs. The public works department (PWD) should know by now that damaged roads need proper filling, watering, ramming, rolling and hot-mixing with bitumen to serve as a binding material, and not merely filling and rolling, as was done in the present case. More than the contractor, it is the PWD that needs to be held accountable for substandard repair work, poor supervision and non-adherence to the specifications.


Sanitisation Of Taxis At Dabolim Airport

It is understood that in order to provide a safe environment to travellers, GoaMiles, the government-run app-based taxi service, has set up a sanitisation unit at the Dabolim airport. This step will go a long way in breaking the COVID-19 chain and boosting the confidence of the tourism industry. Under this service, every GoaMiles vehicle will be sanitised with a coating of antimicrobial nanoparticles; the vehicle will be sanitised once in 30 days. These sanitised vehicles will then be issued a certificate in order to boost the confidence of the passengers. It must be said that the fight against the deadly coronavirus needs to be a comprehensive one. Sanitising only the vehicles of the government-run app-based taxi service may not be sufficient to stop the spread of the virus. Passengers alighting from domestic and international flights could be using other private taxis and other app-based taxi service. This service of sanitisation needs to be extended to all taxis operating from the airport for which a nominal charge could be levied and a certificate issued in this regard. All taxis should also mandatorily have a protective plastic panel separating the driver from the passengers. The number of COVID-19 positive cases in the state may be dipping but we are still not out of the woods. The government needs to provide facilities for sanitisation of all taxis operating from the airport.