Goans, Wake Up From Slumber



THE government of the day, taking full advantage of the ongoing worsening pandemic situation, is currently seen trying to go ahead with some unwanted destructive projects in a hurry against the wishes of Goans and destroying Goa for good.  In fact, the government is aggressively seen filing some bogus complaints/arresting individuals/NGOs, for raising their voice and spreading awareness amongst Goans against all such projects, even portraying them like anti-social elements. The government of the day has indeed put Goa on sale and the projects which it somehow wants to bring in are not for the benefit of Goans (as being claimed through the media) but for all those from neighbouring states.  Today, Goa is indeed being destroyed by all the power-hungry traders- the elected so-called “leaders” and if this tiny state is slowly on a verge of completely going to the dogs then it is solely due to the indifferent attitude of our own “susegad” Goans who keep electing the same old politicians for years despite knowing their past record.  I therefore personally feel that there is absolutely no chance of stopping the ongoing destruction of Goa even in the near future because Goans are indifferent. Yes, it is this attitude of Goans that politicians have taken advantage of and due to which today we are seeing them forcing on us some of the most destructive projects and slowly destroying Goa right before our eyes.