Swachhata in motion



On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the children of Caritas – Goa spread the message of cleanliness by participating in various Swachhata activities.

As part of the programme, the children cleaned their surroundings and their homes along with their parents and educators to send a message that ‘Cleanliness starts at home’.

Activities of Swachhata Hi Seva were also held wherein the children drew drawings and posters on the themes of ‘Save Water’, ‘Clean Environment’, ‘Save Earth’, ‘Use dustbins’ ‘Go Green’, etc. Some children participated in ‘Best out of Waste’ activities with an aim to create something useful and meaningful. The children also shared the message of Swachhata Hi Seva through sign language.

Caritas – Goa in collaboration with Sense International India and supported by The Hans Foundation and Sense International has been working with children with deafblindness and other disabilities since 2012 and have been providing home-based and centre-based services ever since. Due to the current pandemic, all the services have been switched to the online mode.