NCP lashes out at govt, MMC over notices to illegal houses


Mapusa : Criticising the state government and Mapusa Municipal Council for issuing notices to locals over illegal houses, Nationalist Congress Party condemned the action alleging that it has created fear and was an attempt to influence locals in view of municipal election which is due.

Addressing media persons on Tuesday, Sanjay Barde, general secretary of NCP, in the presence of Rajaram Parsekar, Pandurang Varadkar, Suresh Korgaonkar and Sanju Tiwarekar, said that 153 illegal houses on communidade land in Mapusa, Khorlim and Cunchelim have been issued notices by Mapusa Municipal Council.

“Mapusa Municipal Council has issued notices to 153 houses for constructing illegal structures on communidade land, asking occupants to remain present for inspection on January 20, 2021, following a receipt of complaint of NGO,” Barde stated. He further said that the action of issuing notices by Mapusa municipality was an attempt to influence voters in view of municipal elections.

“Despite the announcement by former chief minister Manohar Parrikar in 2014 that houses on communidade land will be regularised, still the municipality has issued notices. Locals have applied for regularisation and yet notices are being sent,” said Barde.   

He accused the government of allegedly misusing funds which came from the central government for development of slums areas in the state.