Calangute locals up in arms against illegal kiosks at Baga


Calangute: Locals from Sauntawaddo are up in arms against two illegal kiosks that were being erected on communidade land at the Nazari parking area at Baga.

Residents from Sauntawaddo assembled in large numbers at the Nazari parking and raised objection to the two illegal kiosks. Later all of them went to the village panchayat to question the Sauntawaddo panch member, the communidade attorney and the sarpanch if any permissions were issued. They questioned as to how the kiosks were given to non-locals without giving preference to the unemployed youth in the village.

The locals from Sauntawaddo have alleged that 30 kiosks have come up in the communidade land at Nazari parking area.

The locals said that even the Calangute MLA had said that all kiosks will be removed from Baga roadside as it creates problems to vehicular traffic and generates garbage issue along the road.

Some of the shareholders of the Calangute communidade told this daily that the kiosk issue was not discussed at the general body meeting under which rule the attorney allotted the two kiosks. They said that the issue will be raised at the general body meeting.

Rajan Korgaonkar a local from Sauntawaddo questioned why the locals were not given the opportunity to erect kiosks at the Nazari parking as it is their ward and many locals are unemployed due to the COVID crisis.

Calangute sarpanch Dinesh Simepurushkar said that the village panchayat has not given any permission to the illegal kiosks, and the kiosks is the property of the Calangute communidade.

The Calangute communidade attorney Anthony D’Souza said that the communidade has give one kiosk to a security guard and the other to the Nazri parking contractor Sameer Govekar for giving up the parking contract as the residents of Sauntawaddo  were demanding to take up the parking contract as it is in their ward.  The attorney further said that kiosks will be given to shareholders for which a general body meeting will be held.