Police nab suspects in Salvador do Mundo murder case




Goa police informed that it has nabbed four alleged suspects in connection with the murder of a Salvador do Mundo-Torda resident Vilas Mehtar, who succumbed after being set on fire.

The Goa police, after having come to know about the exact location of two of the alleged suspects Pawan Srikant from Mapusa and Prashant Dhabolkar from Anjuna, who were traced to Sidhudurg, Maharashta, managed to nab both of them with the help of Maharashtra counterparts.

While the third alleged suspect Altaf Yergutti, who is a builder by profession, was picked up from Anjuna, the police informed. The fourth alleged suspect’s name was disclosed as Khayat Sheikh, who was also nabbed.

“We interrogated several people but unless and until we get proper links to the murder we cannot say they are culprits. We keep interrogating so many people until we get real culprits,” stated police sources.

It was not kerosene but petrol that was used in the crime as police recovered a bottle, sources informed, adding, it was a blind case and police had to work hard to get clues as nobody came forward as eye witnesses.

As per police, the complainant was stopped while proceeding to his residence on the afternoon of October 14 near Torda, dragged out of his car and allegedly set ablaze.