School of Symbiosis pays tribute to Gandhi and Shashtri



School of Symbiosis, Shiroda celebrated the birth anniversary of Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastri by having a virtual assembly.

Headmaster of the school, Benjamin Rocha along with PTA president, Yashwant Naik garlanded portraits of the leaders.

Teacher Surekha presented an inspiring video on the life and times of Gandhi and Shastri, and teacher Anup Naik dressed as Mahatma Gandhi and delivered a thought-provoking message to all the students and teachers to be self-dependent.

Rocha gave an insightful speech on this occasion and said that India is recognised by the whole world because of the sacrifices of great personalities such as Gandhi and Shastri. He advised students and teachers to adopt Gandhiji’s virtues such as dignity of labour and awareness for cleanliness.

Teachers Shweta Naik and Ram Bhosle stressed on the importance of health and hygiene in their presentation. Sadan Naik paid tribute to both the leaders by delivering a speech. On the occasion the teachers cleaned the surrounding
of the school.