Govt HS Advoi celebrates Gandhi and Shastri



Government High School, Advoi celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and birth anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri on the school premises by garlanding portraits of the leaders.

Paying tributes to two sons of the nation, headmistress Azra Ansari said their principles and ideals are relevant throughout the times. Speaking further she highlighted an unparallel role of these two national icons in India’s freedom struggle. “Any issue regardless its magnitude can be resolved in a peaceful manner by following the Gandhian thoughts and principles, and his legacy is an inspiration for everyone towards fostering communal harmony,” she added.  

Drawing an analogy between Atmanibhar Bharat viz-a-viz ‘White Revolution’ and ‘Green Revolution’, the two policies pursued by Shashri, Ansari said that they were directed towards facilitating the country to become self-sufficient. She also briefly touched upon the simple lifestyle and high thinking of these two personalities. Ansari exhorted students and staff to follow the ideals and thoughts of these two national heroes for the betterment of society and enduring peace.

Students participated in the function through live streaming. Pre-recorded audio speeches of students, Aniksha Naik and Akshata Gaude were played during the function. Teacher, Varsha Gaude spoke about contributions and life of the two national leaders. Two favourite devotional songs of Mahatma Gandhi were also presented by the teachers.