Sugar Factory Must Come To Life

EVERY cooperative society starts with good intentions, but somewhere down the road the society loses steam. Similar has been the case of the Sanjivani sugar factory. Sugarcane farmers toil in the fields and take their produce to the factory. But in the recent months, they have not been getting their pending dues. And to cap it all, the government has mulled closing down the factory, which has been beset by the infighting among members and corruption allegations. If the factory is closed down the loser will not only be the Goan farmers, but the state government as well; it will lose a regular source of revenue. The farmers and the government must bury the hatchet to save the sugar industry. The intransigence will make Karnataka and Maharashtra covet for Goan market; Goan farmers would not have any say on prices fixed by these states. It is high time that the state government woke up and smelt the coffee. The government must save the livelihoods of sugarcane farmers. It is pertinent to note here that the state has started swearing by the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan of the Centre; and hence it should make its utmost not to rely on neighbouring states for sugar, vegetables and fruits. Let there be a sweet ending to the muddle created by vested interests at the Sanjivani sugar factory.       


Scrap Controversial Projects

The Maharashtra government has declared Aeray forest as the reserved forest, deciding to shift the controversial Metrorail car shed project to some other place. The Goa government should a take a cue from the neighbouring state vis-à-vis some controversial projects. The people of Goa and NGOs have been up in arms against the projects. If these projects materialise then they will have severe impact on environment and people in the long term. But if the government has a will then there will be a way out to safeguard forests, endangered species, village ecosystem and Goan people as well.


Banish Strays From Roads

THE government has been unable to keep its promise of making the roads in Goa pothole-free. Will the authorities at least ensure that our roads are free of cattle and stray dogs? The alarming number of stray cattle on the roads across the state is a matter of great concern; the menace should be dealt with as a priority. As taxpayers, the public have the right to expect our roads and streets to be free of the nuisance of strays. How many more people will need to die in road accidents caused by stray cattle and dogs? The government needs to tackle this danger on a sense of urgency so that people could walk on the streets and travel on the roads without any hindrance.        


COVID Norms And Theatres

CINEMA halls all over the country are starting  reopening,   calling for people to keep to the social distancing norm. There should  be touch-free sanitisers at the entry and exit points as well as common areas within the premises. Respiratory etiquettes should also be strictly followed. This involves the strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing with a tissue or handkerchief or flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues properly. The use of face masks must  be mandatory. Spitting should also be strictly prohibited.