Double Standard Of Bollywood

THIS is with reference to news reports on noted Bollywood personalities approaching Delhi High Court against two TV news channels and their senior editors, who have been accused of making defamatory remarks against the Hindi film industry. But curiously all these Bollywood celebrities maintained silence on vendetta and highhandedness shown towards Kangana Ranaut by officials of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation over alleged irregularities at her bungalow. It is pertinent to note here that even Bombay High Court made harsh remarks against the BMC action. Bollywood celebrities did not react to news reports on the use of drugs by film actors and actresses. Moreover nobody among these personalities reacted to controversial statements made by some people putting India in a bad light. 


Dream Of Green Cover

FOR over three years, a group of young men from the locality led by a college lecturer have been visiting the Mandrem hilltop to nurture saplings of indigenous trees. This group has planted around 2,500 saplings on the once barren hilltop since June 2017. Every Sunday the citizens and students spend around three hours watering, preparing water harvesting trenches or cutting the weeds that grow around these saplings. It is pertinent to note that the saplings that are planted have to be taken care of and guarded against stray animals during the initial stage of growth. It has been observed that saplings planted during Vanamahotsava functions are left to fend for themselves from the vagaries of nature and stray animals. As a result, very few of these saplings grow into trees. It is the collective dream of the people of Mandrem to see this hilltop green again. To achieve the goal, the group has collaborated with the forest department to plant 700 casuarina saplings along the Mandrem coast.


Manmade Tragedy At Cuncolim

THE death of a factory worker at the Cuncolim Industrial Estate due to ammonia gas leak in the adjoining Quality Foods fish processing unit is regrettable. Other workers were affected after they inhaled the leaked gas. In fact, the gas leak was detected by the tool making factory workers who were asleep in the factory premises. What is alarming is that this is not the first time that such an incident has happened in the particular industrial estate. In the earlier incidents too, workers lost their lives but no punishment was meted out to anyone. Therefore a proper inquiry should be held this time to see if the gas leakage happened due to negligence and appropriate action taken .against the errant people since an innocent and poor worker lost his life; and more could have lost their lives.


Be Protector Of Girl Child

THE International Girl Child Day was observed on October 11 across the world, stressing on challenges and discrimination faced by girls. I would like to say that we must work towards fulfilling their rights; all forms of discrimination towards them must end. Negative portrayal of women and young girls must also come to an end. Mass awareness should be launched for eradicating child marriage, inequality in education and gender-based violence.