New tap water project in Odisha




Chief Minister Naveen  Patnaik on Tuesday virtually launched the ‘Sujal- Drink from Tap Mission’ here, making Odisha “the first state in the country to provide quality drinking water, fit for direct consumption, in urban areas”, a minister

The initiative aims to benefit more than 15 lakh people in the cities, state Housing and Urban Development Minister Pratap Jena said.

The project, in its first phase, will supply drinking water to Bhubaneswar and Puri.

“Odisha is the first state in India, where people in urban areas will be able to drink water directly from taps, under the government’s new initiative,” Jena stated.

Patnaik, on the occasion, said the initiative, for which the state is spending Rs 1300 crore, will be extended in a phased-manner to other districts.

The Chief Minister also gave assurances that all households in the urban areas of the state will have piped water facilities by March 2022. He expressed satisfaction over the Water Corporation of Odisha (WATCO) taking up the job of training plumbers in the state.

“Bhubaneswar, with over 10 lakh population, is the first city in India to have 100 per cent piped-water facility. By March 2022, all households in all urban areas will have the connection. The Drink from Tap Mission will be executed in 15 cities, benefitting over 15 lakh people, the CM added.

United Kingdom-based NGO Water Aids CEO Tim Wainwright, who joined the launch programme over a video conference, lauded the Odisha government for its initiative.

Wainwright said he would provide all possible support to the coastal state’s new project.