Losing sarpanch candidate in Rajasthan gifted Rs 21 lakh




In a unique gesture, residents of a village in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district collected Rs 2aa1 lakh to present to a candidate who had lost the election for the sarpanch’s post by a narrow margin. This incident was reported from Nanan village panchayat in Jodhpur’s Pipad tehsil.

Mukund Dewasi had lost the recently-held sarpanch election to his rival Sundari Devi by just 84 votes. Though he was put out by the result, he wanted to do something for villagers and hence, organised a vote of thanks to express his gratitude. He also hosted lunch in the programme, which seemed like a wedding ceremony with a band in attendance.

Some villagers were so touched, that they collected a whopping Rs 21 lakh, with Rs 5.51 lakh of it contributed by Dewasi’s friend.