Wellness to the fore


For pharmacist Kedar Jirage, while there have been a few challenges arising out of the pandemic, he has been busy as ever during this time and has also launched a new health-based initiative. NT BUZZ gets details

Ramandeep Kaur | NT BUZZ

As a frontline worker during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, for pharmacist Kedar Jirage, it was work as usual
during the lockdowns which began in Match, and thereafter.

“The fear of COVID was never there in me then nor is it there now,” he says. In fact, he feels blessed that he remained extremely busy during these unfortunate days when many businesses have been on the decline. So busy was he, that he admits that his home was almost like just a “lodging and boarding” for him as he rarely made it home early.

His drivers and delivery boys too were on the wheels throughout the day doing home deliveries of medication or personally picking up staff due to transportation issues. “They were the lucky ones to be able to move around and serve the community,” says Jirage, adding that it was fortune for his family that his son who was studying outside Goa had come down just before the lockdown in March and has been continuing his
education via online medium ever since.

He himself took a lot of care when he moved out. He would even tell all his staff before getting out of the work place to sanitise themselves. Jirage says: “We have also been doing fumigations at our work place almost two to three times a day including our cars and residences. I believe that has helped because out of a staff of almost more than 90, only two people had COVID and they both have recovered.”

His store was also faced with challenges during the lockdown in terms of staffing, stock, and safety. In fact, the stock supply chain was especially badly hit.

“At times even our suppliers were short on products. But within a month’s time, things normalised,” he says.

However, the pandemic has also led to more people becoming health conscious, believes Jirage. “The sale of ayurvedic products, precautionary medication like Vitamin C, to fight COVID increased a lot,” he says.

But the panic among the public is not as much as it was around a month and a half or two ago, he states. “People are now accepting that they also could possibly get tangled with the virus today and they are quite ready to face it,” he believes.

On the good news front however, the lockdown period did push him and his friend Avinash to start AyurBlaze, a product brand dealing with ayurvedic medicine and wellness products, owned by Ayur Blaze Healthcare Private Limited. The duo began with nine products and aim to reach 100 products by end of 2025 with market coverage across India and beyond. “All our products are 100 per cent natural and made in India,” says the co-founder of AyurBlaze, Jirage.

As for the pandemic, Jirage feels that COVID times have made each of us wise, whether in being health conscious or financially secure.

“Above all the word ‘life’ has made a deep impact among all of us. The value of living a healthy life is noted as the prime importance for all today and for me too,” he says.