Empowering Girl Child


‘My voice, our equal future’. This is not just a catchphrase but a sturdy message to mark the International Day of the Girl Child. Day of the Girl is special because a girl’s rights with respect to safety, security, sanitation, health and employment, leading to empowerment, need no special mention. It is said a girl should be who and what she wants. A remarkable development in India is the career-oriented shift that is happening among the girls. Marriages are becoming secondary and that in itself is a bold statement emanating from a country wedded to tradition and typecast by conservativeness. ‘I don’t need to behave like a princess to marry a prince when I am the daughter of a king’ seems to be the mantra of girls of modern day. They understand the seriousness of going about tasks with precision. No individual can make a girl feel inferior without the latter’s consent. Girls who have excelled in different spheres of life have consistently held their head high without being arrogant. Worldwide, girls and women have taken every profession by storm. There are no female world leaders today, only leaders. Breaking the shackles of India’s patriarchal society is by no means easy. Indian women are doing just that; and regularly. An unbelievable event of modern India is that parents, including those belonging to the weaker socio-economic sections are fathoming the importance of bearing a girl child. Self-help and peer support are on the rise as girls are in the forefront in alleviating the sufferings of their less fortunate, marginalised sisters and mothers. An educated and literate girl can do wonders for the uneducated and illiterate ones. ‘Do not be cold because girls are worth more than gold’.