Goan Fiesta’s tribute to M Boyer


Since its first virtual show in May 31, the Goan Fiesta, featuring live Konkani singing and music and held every Sunday, has brought about immense bonding among the community not only in Mumbai and Goa, but globally as well. Everyone waits for Sunday evening to tune in at 8 p.m. for their dose of live Konkani entertainment.

Some prominent singers from the Konkani music industry like Sonia Shirsat, Nephie Rod, Alacoque Morenas, Cielda Pereira, Naisa Lotlekar, Shine-on Duo, Kenny Zuzarte, Mark Revlon, Acacio Pereira, O’luv Rodrigues, Ester Noronha, Lawry Travasso, and over 80 other artistes, have been part of this Goan Fiesta organised by Soul Fry.

This Sunday, October 11, 2020, Goan Fiesta will pay tribute to late M Boyer (Padmashree awardee) on his 90th birth anniversary. Songs composed by him were entertaining and had a foresighted message, which one can relate to even today. Dramas that he had written and directed had good moral values and people flocked to watch them repeatedly.

Singers like Pete Roshan, Cezar D’Mello, Soccor de S’cruz, Savio Rodrigues, and Saby Fernandes will sing some of the legend’s golden classics. The show will be hosted by Sonia Gomes.

Remembering M Boyer

I am blessed to have seen him from close quarters at his house with his family and performing on the stage, as I was a member of his troupe. A complete family man who well balanced his personal and professional life, he was also a great visionary. His contribution to the Konkani stage is immense.

Unfortunately, there is no much repository of his recordings available that the present generation can watch. He was destined to be honoured by three different Presidents of India and he was a proud recipient of many awards. He is no more with us, but he lives in the hearts and minds of people


Steve Rodrigues, M Boyer’s nephew

M Boyer was one of the best artistes on stage – a good writer, composer, director, and singer. He was everyone’s favourite and much loved by his fans. Through his hard work, he took tiatr to a high level. I acted in most of his tiatrs and whenever he gave me roles in his tiatrs, they were good decent comedy roles. Through this, he taught me to respect this platform. He would often say: ‘Platilda, God has given us these hands, let us do all we can, to put in as much as we can’. I will never forget his words.”

Platilda Dias, tiatrist

Late M Boyer was a very good writer and director, and I had the privilege of acting in many of his shows. The ones I liked most were ‘Sounsar Sudorlo’, ‘Mog Kazar Divorce’ and ‘Ekuch Rosto’. I also co-directed a tiatr ‘Dillolo Jurament’ with him. Besides this, he composed and wrote mandos like ‘Doti Magon Chedianim’, ‘Bahrainchim Libram’, and many more which were sung by me for his tiatrs and which are still loved and remembered by the audience till date. He gave a big boost to my career. His contribution to tiatr and Konkani entertainment is immense.”

Antonette Mendes, actress, singer, and director