Opposition To IIT Project

In recent months, we have seen the villagers of Melaulim in Sattari taluka repeatedly agitating against the proposed IIT project in their village. The state government tried to suppress the voices of the villagers by issuing notices to some of the agitators. The locals marched a step further and tried to stop the survey work being conducted by the government surveyors. Recently, the Guleli panchayat denied the ‘No Objection Certificate’ for constructing a boundary wall around the ten lakh square metres of land area demarcated for the IIT project. Having noticed the growing opposition of the locals, the panchayat members understood that the law and order situation in the area would be disturbed in case they allowed construction of the compound wall. It is worth appreciating that the entire population in Sattari has been opposing the project unitedly. They have amply proved that in unity lies strength. Kudos to the people for fighting the battle unitedly to save their ancestral land! Under such circumstances, time has come for the state government to scrap the proposed IIT project at Melaulim thereby maintaining peace in the village jurisdiction.    


Unlock 5.0 In Goa

The Centre has declared Unlock 5.0 in the country with some guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be followed. The said Unlock 5.0 during this pandemic allows certain relaxation to the schools and colleges subject to decisions taken by the state government after consulting school authorities and parents of the students. The Centre has also given permission to the cinema halls and multiplexes to reopen with 50 per cent seating capacity and hotels and restaurants to restart activity with all precautions and measures in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. In Goa, though positive cases are being reported with death toll reaching 477, many activities have resumed like private buses boarding passengers with full capacity including standing with no social distancing being followed. The Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) is plying limited buses to Margao, Panaji, Vasco and Ponda and vice versa including the shuttle service, which is limited to Margao and Panaji. Since most of the employees have rejoined services in different departments, the state should now focus on plying more buses with certain gaps so as to facilitate the commuters to travel to their workplaces. The South West Railways (SWR) has also resumed its Goa Express Nizamuddin daily trains from Vasco and Delhi. The railways should also start the local trains on the Vasco-Kulem route which facilitates commuters to reach their workplaces. The trains plied in the morning, afternoon and evening prior to COVID-19 in the state. The railway authorities should give a thought to restarting the same, as many business activities have resumed in the state. As far as schools and colleges are concerned, the managements and parent-teachers association (PTA) should be consulted to avoid any conflicts or issues later. The state should follow the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Home Affairs.