Illiterate leading the literate? Change the narrative


Many countries across the world have leaders with strong educational backgrounds, which is not the case in India. KURIOCITY asked youngsters whether our political leaders should have some minimum educational degree to hold various portfolios

In any sector of society basic education is needed before doing any work. The members of Parliament or members of Legislative Assemblies or lawmakers who discuss and formulate rules in the country, should have enough education to understand the rules and give their suggestions while formulating the rules. Politicians who are incapable of reading and understanding documents will not be able to take proper decisions. Sadly in India, educated IAS officers report to illiterate leaders. I feel our leaders should be at least graduates. If leader is illiterate, there is no use of making citizens literate. How can we expect an uneducated leader to preach about education to the masses?

Shaunak Pai Kane, Mapusa

Education is the need of the hour. Education moulds the human mind and body in such a way that we become shrewd and make the correct decisions. In an electorate process, our nation will not move forward if there is no proper awareness – awareness about the background of our leaders, awareness about democracy, awareness about the importance of voting, and this awareness comes through education. In a democracy like ours, we need both an educated leader as well as educated voters. If voters are uneducated there is no point of having a well qualified candidate as voters will not be able to make the right decision, hence an inappropriate leader may come to power. Alternatively, an uneducated, illiterate candidate could win by sheer money power and represent educated voters. In both situations it is the voters who suffer. Hence, there must be a bar set for those who wish to contest elections. Only those who possess the right educational degree or certificates should be allowed.

Shwetang Nadkarni, engineer, Panaji

I don’t think a politician requires a post graduation degree to make sensible, well-informed decisions for the country, but it is important that he has a certain level of wisdom to achieve this. Having a degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the knowledge about your field. A politician should be able to relate to the day-to-day life problems of common man, communicate with them and try to find solutions for the same. I think all this can be achieved with education as basic as HSSC qualification, which will also ensure that the politicians are at least able to read and speak in English which will help them in most of their official paper work, etc, and I think that’s more than enough.

Chandrakant Kudchadker, Curchorem

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. If the leader is illiterate how will he/she guide the crowd? I feel a leader should have minimum graduate degree. Along with that, he/she should have previous experience of mentoring and taking up leadership roles. Education empowers and moreover builds hardworking nature. Experience teaches one how something could be done better. A good leader is one who is ready to take up the responsibility of finishing a task successfully. If one cannot take the responsibility of finishing one’s education, how do you expect one to be responsible for society? Overall if the crowd is illiterate the leader must be educated to teach them the importance of being knowledgeable.

Kishan Mangueshkar, Shiroda

According to me, education till class 12 and a curated exam along with interviews should be part of the screening process, just like it happens in many colleges. When all jobs and college seats have a strict entry process, why is it so easy for politicians to get in? While it is true that educational qualification does not guarantee great performance, it surely does contribute to better decision-making. It will set a basic threshold for the kind of people we have in our government and will also encourage elementary education.

Saloni Pai Raikar, software engineer, Panaji

India has been known as Vishwa Guru since time immemorial, this nation has had a legacy of having the greatest universities in the world and education was amongst the priorities that our ancestors had. Back then it was always a compulsion to choose the best leader on the basis of knowledge as he/she would have a certain calculated vision for society. But somewhere India has lost its heritage in the hustle-bustle. If those days the highest level of qualification was an important criterion to become a leader, so why not today? Why should uneducated/undereducated people make laws for society? By letting such people lead us don’t we show our inability and doubt our knowledge? I feel all aspiring politicians must have at least a postgraduate degree for particular portfolios. At the panchayat level one should be a graduate at the very least. If this would become the case than definitely there would be a positive message in society and people won’t feel let down thinking uneducated people make laws for the educated. Let both sides be fair and may our leader be our motivation to serve humanity.

Vishwaja Faldessau, Bambolim