Indian ‘Highway Men’ wrap up travel series on just iPhone, iPad


Imagine shooting an entire travel vlogging series on an iPhone, editing it on an iPad Pro and then showcasing your digital masterpiece to the world which would have otherwise cost you a bomb, involving several crew members, specialised cameras, audio and video, fancy gimbals and more.

Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma, the acclaimed travellers and foodies whom are known as ‘Highway Men,’ took the daunting task to shoot a unique, digital-exclusive travel vlogging series titled #RoadTrippinWithRnM, with just an iPhone 11 Pro Max and an iPad Pro (for editing) in their kitty post-lockdown.

They got behind the wheels for the 14-day road-trip across Rajasthan (with only a cameraperson), churning out over 60 minutes of content daily at over eight locations. They drove over 200 kilometres daily for a 16-hour long day in the 40 degree celsius heat, keeping the social distancing norms in mind.

“You won’t believe this but no one has ever done this before. The entire #roadtrippinwithrnm journey was shot and edited only on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro. We had to maintain social distancing so we found this the best way to go out in a vehicle and shoot,” said Mayur.

According to Rocky, the whole digital experience was so awesome that they did not miss the hustle and bustle of being part of a TV show or long post-production hours.

“We never thought that just two Apple devices will be enough to produce such a wonderful series. It was seamless to work on these devices at your leisure and produce such a wonderful content. This is the future of creative content production for TV and cinema,” Rocky said.

“We were able to control the shoot and edit on the two Apple devices and the final output was so superb that you will be left thrilled,” Rocky said. “For us, it was like going back to the basics. This gives up hope at a time when the TV and film industry is suffering in the pandemic times.”

The duo, who came to prominence with their TV show ‘Highway on My Plate,’ posted daily vlogs, pictures and engaged in Live Q&A sessions on social media while going through the 14-day road shooting trip.

Result: Over 5.5 crore organic impressions and 16 million views in 14 days. The organic impressions are now nearing almost 10 crores.

“We are now looking to replicate the experience with exploring more such highways, like in Uttaranchal or Himachal Pradesh, hoping for more brands to relive the fantastic journey with us,” Mayur said.