President Must Not Give Assent To Farm Bills

Amidst unprecedented bedlam in the Rajya Sabha, the two contentious farm bills, Farmer’s Produce, Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020 and the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020 were passed by voice vote in a manner that did not give a chance for a democratic numbers test to have been conclusively proven. Divergent views on the conduct of the proceedings amidst the pandemonium demand that the benefit of doubt should be a case to be considered. The verdict seems like could have gone either way, especially as there was cross-voting. Now that the pushed-through bills have been sent to President Ram Nath Kovind, it would be prudent that the President sends them back to the Rajya Sabha, although it has been adjourned sine die for reconsideration and methodical passage in the next session of Parliament. This is the right situation in which the President could exercise his constitutional authority by refraining from giving assent to the bills, which did not pass the democratic test in the Rajya Sabha to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders.


Act Against Drivers Parking Vehicles Along Roadsides

In Ponda, parking of four-wheelers along roadsides has become a regular phenomenon. Such a practice ultimately disrupts the smooth movement of vehicular traffic. Fellow travellers and pedestrians too face inconvenience in the process. A few years back, traffic policemen used to lock vehicles parked along the roadside adjacent to Kurtarkar Commercial Arcade at Kaziwada. However, at present, nothing of this sort is being observed and vehicles are parked at this strategic location which causes inconvenience to others. At Tisk too, a similar situation has been noticed. Private cars are being parked at an area marked for two-wheelers. It is rather unfortunate that cars are being parked on either side of the road adjacent to Savaikar Hospital at Varkhandem. At locations where the road stretch is narrow, traffic congestion becomes the order of the day. The road near supermarket is one peculiar instance in this regard. Whenever people visit shops to buy materials, cars are parked on the road itself. Such a practice disrupts smooth movement of the vehicular traffic. With vehicles proceeding in opposite directions, pedestrians usually become the worst sufferers, as they face the risk of getting knocked down by the proceeding vehicles. Above all, parking vehicles near sharp turns is dangerous. It affects the visibility of vehicle riders and drivers, thereby resulting in a possible mishap sooner or later. The practice of vehicles being parked over pavements also continues. Hence pedestrians are subjected to risk and danger. Higher officials at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as also the traffic cell of Goa police should take a serious note of this important matter and start a massive drive against drivers parking four-wheelers along the roadsides. Hefty fines should be imposed so that there is discipline on the road.