Motorists Blocking Lanes At Railway Crossing


Immature and indisciplined motorists usually throng the railway gate when a train is about to pass, very eager to cross the railway line when the gates open. This has been a regular scene at the Old Goa-Gaundalim railway crossing (for that matter, at every railway crossing in Goa as well as India) that the motorists usually flood near the gates when they are closed for the passing of a train. The maintenance of lane discipline is never obeyed. So, on the left lane of the road are cars queued up one behind the other whereas the other lane (as well as side road) is filled up to the brim with impatient motorists. To disallow and discourage the motorists from blocking the other lane while the gates are closed, the authorities fixed up the temporary lane dividers for a short stretch that leads to the gate, but, as impatient as the motorists get, they still jammed up the other lane. In a situation where an ambulance is caught up on either side, and when the gates are opened, the motorists are the first ones to get through. Ambulance waits till it gathers space to manoeuvre. Once, a police jeep was in the queue and as soon as the gates opened, the police jeep rushed to the other side cutting lane and jamming up the vehicles. People have to learn to act responsibly and follow rules of the road, for the rules are not to mug up and answer road tests to acquire licence. Common sense should prevail in minds while being on the road.