The show must go on


Here’s a look at a few more selected, quality videos uploaded on social network



Alvaro de Assuncao Pereira (cello), Maria Sancha Pereira, Anthea Dias (violins) and Winston Collaco (viola) have revived a beautiful composition from the late maestro Micael Martins. The quartet does full justice to this fine composition and provides a fine example of what Goan music used to be. Video and sound has been recorded by Jessy  Barbosa. Watch it and relive some nostalgic moments.

‘Heal the World’

A band of youngsters ‘The ONES’, recently uploaded a video of a cover version of the song ‘Heal The World’. The kids have made this video especially to raise funds for ‘MANN’- a centre for individuals with special needs. Giselle, Nia, Blanca, Parhaan, Pranit and Raphael present this song with plenty of verve and are a treat to watch.

‘Kollso Naka’

Tiatrist Valency D’Souza from Calangute has been releasing some quality videos. It started with a tribute to the patron saint, ‘Bhagevont Aleixo’, followed by a devotional ‘Tujea Hatan’ and now, the timely ‘Kollso Naka’. She along with Meena, Evola, Jeltoin, Dennis, and Agnelo sing about agriculture, fishing and the rampant coal pollution. Nevel Pereira provides the music to this video filmed by Joviton D’Costa. Watch this!

‘Dukh Pois Korta’

Nariko D’Souza renders a fine tribute to music in the song ‘Dukh Pois Korta’. Music helps to entertain as well as comfort. The song lyrics have been provided by his grandma, Maria Lourdes backed by music from Francis D’Souza. The video is filmed well by George Gonsalves. The boy has style and performs with confidence. Don’t miss this.

‘Love You Charu’

This humorous romantic song is a tussle between a Christian and Hindu family, when their children fall in love. But then there is acceptance, depicting the strong communal harmony that exists in Goa. Veda, Kevin, Cezar, Fermino, and many other artistes provide good entertainment. Amandeep Dutt has captured fine locales and Mukesh Ghatwal provides the music.