State pushes for making villages self-reliant


Panaji: The state cabinet on Wednesday approved the report on economic revival plan for village panchayats (action plan and strategy), which has suggested several sector-wise measures to make  villages self-reliant.

The report with action plan and strategy submitted to the government has said  that 25 colleges will initiate plans for 40 village panchayats. A full review will be undertaken in the first fortnight of  December 2020 so as to scale up the outreach and implementation of the programme in other panchayats from December 19, 2020.

The report has been prepared by the directorate of higher education and supported by the Goa Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development. 

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told  media persons after chairing a cabinet meeting that the government will  launch on October 2  ‘Swayampurna Gaon, Sampann Goem’,   an initiative  that is in    line with the central government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission.

The initiative  aims at reducing the dependence of Goa on other states for basic requirements.

To take forward the yearlong initiative,   officials will visit villages to  motivate and assist the people in taking  up projects which will help the state become self-reliant.

“We have trained the officials from 18 government departments. The officers visit villages to assist the people. Every government officer will work as a ‘karmayogi’,” Sawant said.

A study was conducted through 25 colleges under the directorate of higher education.

Faculty teams from the colleges covered 191 village panchayats in  May and June this year.

College representatives collected data through a questionnaire from  sarpanchas and panchas on villages coming under the panchayats. They  also conducted group discussions on various themes such as agriculture, livelihood and women’s issues.

Group discussions were also held with members of village development committees, self-help groups, entrepreneurs, the youth, among others. 

The report has said the sectoral approach has identified areas of implementation, and suggested measures in agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism, fisheries, natural resources and government schemes.

Measures have also been suggested for the youth and adolescents, senior citizens, women and members of SHGs for convergence for furthering good governance.

A draft report covering common findings of all the reports had  been presented to  the Chief Minister on August 14, 2020.

The draft report had focused on making  panchayats self-reliant  by empowering them as an institution, as also  communities, for improving socioeconomic indicators.