Provide Smartphones To Inmates Of Orphanages

With a spike in the COVID-19 cases and related deaths reported in the state, it is highly unlikely that schools will reopen any time soon. With the infection being in the community transmission stage, it will be very risky to reopen the schools as of now. The government has declared that the decision in this regard will be taken after October 2. Thus online classes could be the only possible way the teachers can communicate with the students. As a result, it becomes absolutely necessary for each student to possess a smartphone. It is pertinent to note that several children living in the orphanages are enrolled in the schools and are studying in various classes including Class XII. Obviously, the inmates of the orphanages may not be in possession of a smartphone due to its prohibitive price. Those managing the orphanages may also not be in a position to provide a smartphone to each of its inmates studying in schools. This can affect the ability of the students to attend online classes. The government should assist the various orphanages by providing smartphones to the inmates who are school students. At least a few smartphones could be provided to each orphanage so that students studying in the same class can share the mobile phone. The orphanages should also be provided with a good internet connection.


On Chaos In Parliament Over Farm Bills

Once again, the citizens witnessed chaos in the Parliament, in Rajya Sabha, over two key farm bills. Almost 12 parties opposed the bills and a Trinamool Congress (TMC) party member attempted to tear the rule book. The leaders once again exhibited their ‘civilisation’ and maturity in the House. We saw a well-educated member of the House like Derek O’Brien behaving in an unruly manner. We know him also as a television show quizmaster of yesteryears. When it comes to maintaining decorum in the House, these leaders forget that they are representing the country and are leaders of the people. When we see such childish behaviour in the House with no control on the actions and words used, we are forced to wonder whether we really deserve the sessions in the House. All that we need is a debate and opinions of members on the bills before passing them. The monsoon session of the Lower House saw ruckus created over two bills passed. Twelve parties have given a notice for a no-confidence motion against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman, accusing him of violating the parliamentary procedures in trying to pass the farm bills in haste, circumventing all demands for proper voting. Some farmers also opposed bill in Haryana. As per them, they have lost 25 to 60 per cent of crop over the fungicide spray in pre-monsoon period. Considering all this, the government has come up with a solution to support farmers which should have been welcomed but without giving it a thought, some of the parties opposed the decision. Authorities now have decided to take action against those who created ruckus in the House. Hope the members take this seriously and behave as they are expected to during the proceedings in the Parliament.