GCCI suggests amendment to Goa mining law




With the Ministry of Mines inviting comments from state governments, public and industry stakeholders on the proposed reforms in the mineral mining sector, the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has suggested amendment to The Goa Daman and Diu Mining Concessions (Abolition and Declaration of Mining Leases) Act, 1987.

According to the GCCI, the amendment will clarify the period of lease until 2037 (50 years as mandated under MMDR Act 2015) by making the Abolition Act as prospective instead of the current provision of it
being retrospective.

“The amendment will bring about equality for the state with the rest of the country by curing the inequitable situation, wherein all other states except Goa are allowed to extend/ renew leases and lease periods of 50 years,” suggested the GCCI.

Under reforms in the mineral mining sector, the Ministry plans to resolve legacy issues of the past that are coming in the way of the growth of the  sector.

In its suggestion letter, GCCI indicated that discordance between the Abolition Act and the MMDR Act is a legacy issue.

“The state has repeatedly requested the Centre to bring about policy reforms even during the Group of Ministers constituted in August 2018,  wherein the stress was on the need to harmonise the MMDR Act and The Goa Daman and Diu Mining Concessions Act,” suggested
the GCCI.

The government is keen on reforms in the mineral mining sector towards increasing private investments in the sector and accelerating employment generation under the Atmanirbhar
Bharat Abhiyan.

The reforms propose to bring in private investment for exploration of mineral blocks, move towards the auction only regime for all mining leases, a market determined rate for calculating royalty,
among others.

The GCCI said that it is in favour of the proposal to auction prospecting lease (PL) cum mining lease (ML) of partially explored blocks at G-4 level as it “will be ensuring seamless transition from exploration
to production.”

The trade body also said that it is in favour of removing the distinction between captive and non-captive mines and developing a mineral price index based on the actual market price for the calculation of royalty and contribution to the District Mineral Fund (DMF).

The last date for giving suggestions to the Ministry is September 24 2020.