Concrete Debris A Knotty Problem

THE Goa Green Brigade has started a  new rooting process around the coconut trees dotting the Socorro-Guirim stretch of the national highway. These trees, which once made a picturesque sight, have been withering of late. The main cause for this is the dumping of concrete debris at the roots of the trees. Dumping of concrete debris near the roots of the trees can prove poisonous for the trees, which can then wither and ultimately die. It is pertinent to note that construction debris cannot be dumped at the garbage dumping site along with other dry and wet waste. The concrete debris needs to be disposed of separately and in a proper manner. It should also not be dumped in water bodies. The National Green Tribunal has recommended keeping a radius of one to two metres around the stem of a tree, free from debris and tar.  To save the trees, it would be desirable not to allow dumping of construction debris at trees and vegetation. The best alternative would be to reuse the construction debris to level the land by dumping it at places where ground leveling is necessary. The  debris can also be used in the construction of roads or for any other purpose where filling up of land is necessary.  


Say No To School Reopening

THE coronavirus pandemic situation is worsening day by day,  calling for circumspect decisions in  bringing  back normal way of life in the state. It is not advisable to reopen schools because  health of  schoolchildren deserves utmost attention. Examinations can be held online and students can be promoted en masse. But the government can’t endanger the lives of school students.  Instead of reopening the schools, the government must  make all efforts to improve Internet connectivity in the state especially  in villages.


Repair Unmotorable Roads

ROADS are in a pathetic condition in the state and turned into deathtraps. Two-wheeler riders bear the brunt of these unmotorable roads,  which are ridden with potholes. The potholes are  filled with rainwater making it extremely difficult  for motorists  to negotiate their way. As usual, the government has miserably failed ameliorate the situation. The road that passes from Almeida High School to Ravinagar at Khadpabandh has been in a terrible condition for a long time;  the authorities are oblivious to the plight of common man.  Motorists risk their lives by travelling on this road. I strongly urge PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar to promptly repair the potholed-ridden roads to save the people from hardship and  death.


On Nominated LS Seats

THE Union cabinet has approved amendment to Article 334 of the Constitution to abolish provision of two nominations from Anglo Indian community in Lok Sabha. This provision had lost relevance long ago:  according to the 2011 census,  there are  just 296 members of Anglo Indian community in the country. But it will be better  if the two nominated seats in Lok Sabha are passed on to the fast-diminishing Parsi community, which has  population of 60,000.