Keyed in to Konkani


Musician Gregory Fernandes from Caranzalem who recently released four music videos, talks to NT BUZZ about how this pandemic brought out the best in him

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

For Gregory Fernandes, the past few months have gone by quickly as he worked on writing lyrics, creating new songs, teaching his children to play different music instruments, and more. And now, he has released four video songs in Konkani – ‘Kumpasar Nachomia’, ‘Nach’, ‘Pau Maie’, and ‘Maim O Maim’.

“One good thing that the pandemic did was that it gave musicians and singers ample time to bring out their creativity. Earlier we were all busy with work and everyday routine which didn’t allow us to be imaginative,” says Fernandes, who was assisted in the video production by

Adrian Andrade.

Giving more details about the songs, he tells us that ‘Kumpasar Nachomia’ is a rock and roll song that one can dance to. “‘Pau Maie’ meanwhile is a devotional song and is dedicated to Mother Mary to intercede with Jesus to save the mankind from this pandemic. ‘Nach’ is again a dancing number where l am thanking the Lord for all he has done for me. In the second verse of the song, I also thank parents for all the pains and suffering they endure to inculcate good values and provide education, food, clothing, etc,” he says.

‘Maim O Maim’ is again dedicated to his 92-year-old mother. “I believe it is important to appreciate and praise our loved ones when they are alive, and here, in this song I thank my mother for all the sacrifices,” says Fernandes. In fact all the artistes performing on the track are his family members and the video was directed by Paul Po.

Fernandes has been in the music line for quite a few years now. As a youngster he joined the seminary and learned singing under the guidance of Fr Joaquim Loyola Pereira.

And indeed, for him, singing hymns of praise and worship in the church gave him immense joy and exposure. “It was through my training that I was able to sing well and guide others too who were into singing in the church choir which was appreciated,” he says.

Further, following a lot of coaxing from people, Fernandes went on to form the choir ‘Voices of Caranzalem’. The group has sung in parishes all over Goa and in Sawantwadi too.

In an attempt to diversify, the group then began taking part and winning in carol singing competitions, mando festivals, etc.

“I also organised a Konkani singing competition ‘Suadik Tallo’ in Caranzalem in 2016 which was done to give importance to our mother tongue Konkani,” he says.

Besides this he also organised special workshops for singers in different subjects pertaining to singing and then later joining a band ‘Shades’, before forming his band ‘Clef and

Musician Club’.

In 2006, he started performing solo shows and eventually managed to release two audio CDs that had his original music compositions and lyrics and singing too in Konkani Pop. “The first CD was dedicated to my child and it was called ‘Bhurgem’. The second CD was ‘Maim O Maim’ dedicated to my mother,” he says. Currently, he is part of a duo band GregCollin with musician Colin Dias.

And Fernandes is hoping to release four more songs soon. But for now he hopes the situation owing to coronavirus stabilises soon. He is hopeful that things will get better and has set his sight on a dream of organising a global Konkani singing competition, one that brings Konkani lovers on one big platform.