Rotary Club to provide cancer detection equipment to Matruchhaya




Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera will be providing medical equipment, for early detection of breast and cervical cancer amongst women, to Matruchhaya at Bambolim on September 19 at the hands of Health Minister Vishwajit Rane and Shrinivas Dempo, president of Matruchhaya Trust. The cost of equipment is Rs 30 lakh.

Inauguration of Breast and Cervical Cancer Detection Centre at Matruchhaya, being provided by Rotary Foundation through Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera, being a host club, through Global Grant involving 6 international Rotary Clubs (5 from Sweden and 1 from Canada) and 2 international districts (2410 and 7070), besides host district 3170.

Matruchhaya Trust will run the centre as a charitable activity. Rs 250 will be charged for mammography test and Rs 250 for cervical cancer test. This pricing is to enable the economically-backward people to avail off the tests.

Goa, with a population of 14,30,000, has the highest incidence of breast and cervical cancer among the states of India. There was an urgent need to procure medical equipment which can detect cancer. This will ensure early detection of cancer, prevent the cancer from progressing and ultimately prevent mortality. Providing this equipment will ensure prompt medical treatment in early stages of cancer. This will save the exorbitant medical costs associated with late detection and ensure the well being of the patient and family as well.

Rotary Foundation strongly believes in doing good in the world. The Global Grant Project of Rotary Foundation was possible because of the valuable contributions from Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera, Rotary Club of Toronto, Rotary Club of Torsas-Bergkvara, Rotary Club of Emmaboda, Rotary Club of Nybro, Rotary Club of NybroGlasriket, Rotary Club of Riga Hansa and Rotary Districts 3170, 2410 and