Laugh out loud


With over 19K subscribers, Emilina Rebello, who hails from South Goa, has been giving people plenty to laugh about with her relatable videos on her YouTube channel Onlyemilina. NT BUZZ catches up with the budding comedienne


Q. What made you start Onlyemilina and where do you get inspiration for your videos from?

I wanted to start a YouTube channel since the time I came across Lilly Singh in 2016. People I met also always told me that I appeared to have a good sense of humour. But I lacked confidence solely because I was always judged based on my skinny body. However, in April this year, I came across one of Gary Vee’s videos which really hit me to a point where it made me realise it didn’t make sense to live my life based on people’s opinions about me. On April 13, I posted my first ever YouTube video even though it was not perfect at all. I chose YouTube as a platform to express my humour and observations with relatable content as I saw potential there.

Q. Given that you had no prior experience, posting that first video must have been a nerve-racking

I posted my first video on Easter Sunday. I was so nervous as the audio and video weren’t in sync, it was such a mess but I did it. I am so glad I did that though. My first video got somewhere around 280 views and supportive comments from my friends and family. To be honest my goal was to hit 1000 subscribers within a year but look what my viewers gifted me with.

Q. Were there any difficulties you faced while creating the videos in the beginning?

In the beginning, it was all good except for some technical things that I had to learn. It sometimes is difficult to come up with the video topic and to portray it in such a way that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of anyone. Later on, when more people were watching my videos, hate came along, initially, it would bother me but now I am getting better at it.

Q. What has helped you deal with the haters?

The thing that has helped me to deal with haters is the love of my viewers and some experiences shared by successful people that I look up to. I strongly believe in paying attention to the criticism I receive. But the hate I feel is a reflection of their insecurities. So I have empathy towards them.

Q. Was it a conscious decision to focus more on Goa?

No, it wasn’t. I realised the Goan audience appreciated my content once the video ‘That Goan Aunty’ started getting some attention. I then began creating content along similar lines. It became interesting as I am a Goan too so the only thing I had to do was speak about my observations and they would relate to them.

Q. ‘That Goan Aunty’ really did expand your reach with over a lakh views In fact, people today recognise you as the ‘Goan Aunty’.

(Laughs) It definitely feels good to be recognised for your work. It now makes me feel more responsible for the content I make as I know people’s expectations are set.

Q. What is your process of content creation? Do you write a detailed script beforehand or just go with the flow?

The very first step includes the idea that comes in my mind, it is basically inspired by my observations and experiences, I write it down. Then I formulate a script with the lines and concepts, imagining the exact scenes of how it would take place, I shoot it on my phone and edit it and upload. I write the script beforehand and while shooting improvise a lot.

Q. What have been your learnings on the journey so far? And what has been your most memorable

I have learned a couple of things that have made me a better person but the highlight has been to be patient, consistent and to believe in yourself. Also the people you don’t know personally show you more support at times than the ones you know. The most memorable feedback is when someone told me they were having a tedious day and my video made them laugh.

Q. Now that you know that you can do comedy, would you be open to doing live shows in future?

Yes I am still working on building my onstage presence and the day I know I am ready for it, I will start to explore that too.

Q. In today’s times, people doing comedy have been under attack. People seem to be quick to take
offence. What are your thoughts on this?

Yes, that is one of the challenges the comic industry is currently facing. I feel every comedian or content creator while creating content should consider some boundaries. We feel we are much progressive as individuals but society is still taking its time. As long as people’s sentiments are not hurt, I think it should be good. Also, it is very important for an artiste or comedian to know about their audience and how much they would be able to take.

Q. What are some issues that amuse you that you hope to do videos on in the future?

No matter how progressive and modern we claim to be for the most part of it, people still are learning to understand what is offensive and what is not. I hope to do videos on issues like the bad-mouthing and gossip culture, how it is not okay to just say negative things about people, breaking the stereotypes, showing the world that Goa is not about alcohol and parties but way different, etc.

Q. What is your dream with this

My dream is to inspire people especially young girls and women to start believing in themselves and not to be afraid of being judged. I see beautiful and talented people self-doubting their abilities just because someone said something bad to them. I want them to be able to take criticism and treat others the way they want to be treated. In future, I want to somehow contribute to building awareness and creating change with the issue of

I am super proud of where I am today not because of the subscribers that I have gathered but because of how much I have gained in confidence. I still have a long way to go but “that way” only shows up once you start. The problems and obstacles I’ve overcome till now have majorly helped me in becoming the person I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful. It has helped me to understand the value of the little things and see life with a more sensible