Fostering global connections



The BBA department of SS Dempo College of Commerce and Economics organised a certified five-day global immersion programme in association with Edu 180 to Dubai, UAE, prior to the lockdown. The objective of this programme was to provide students with the opportunity to experience an international business environment.

During the span of this programme, students visited the Curtin University Dubai campus at the Dubai International Academic City, the Apple store, the Global Village and the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Learnings at the Apple store included use of latest techniques and technology provided by Apple such as the ‘Jump-Cut’ and ‘Flip’ applications. With regard to the visit to the university, students were engaged in conducting a survey of the customers who visited the Dubai Mall to list out the findings with regards to ‘brand promotion’ and ‘marketing strategies’ used by Dubai in portraying itself as an attractive travel and leisure destination. Findings of this survey were later presented at a session with the Dean of The Curtin Univesity, Khyati Shetty. This was followed by talk on ‘Current Global Management Practices’ delivered by NidhiSehgal from Curtin University. At the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the students were enlightened on the concept of ‘Fintech’ (Finance Technology) and its impact on the Future of Finance.

Apart from this, the students visited the Global Village, the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall thereby witnessing the architectural and cultural excellence of Dubai. They experienced the Desert Safari, a visit around the city of Dubai in addition to the academic quotient of the field