Battle of the brains



The Goa Quiz Championship (GQC), facilitated by the Education Committee, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EduCom, GCCI) and Goa State Innovation Council, has received a great response from Goan students with participants from more than 110 schools registering and students from more schools joining in every day.

Apart from the element of individual achievement, a driving force for students is the team glory as a school team. Student of class 12, Ryan said: “I know I am not the greatest quizzer myself. Yet, I am participating in GQC since I wanted to give it a shot. I feel enthused as I am able to encourage several of my schoolmates so that we can all participate together. Actually, it’s interesting that all of our points count towards the school score, and thus we can win the GQC Trophy together as a school. Additionally, all of us get gold medals and the winners’ certificates if our school happens to be the champion team. That is definitely very cool.”

GQC has received a favourable response from the parents as well. Mother of Anushka, Pramila Shetye stated: “Anushka is not an avid quizzer, but she is generally very observant and has a curious mind. GQC seemed like a good platform to expose her to a dose of competition. Whether she wins or not is immaterial. After registering for GQC, she gained access to the Preparatory Whatsapp Quizzes being conducted by the GQC Team. I find these quizzes very interesting myself and Anushka enjoys applying her brains in a fun way to get the answers. Quite a change from her disinterested state since the lockdown. I’d recommend all parents to register their kids to GQC for sure.”

Chairman, Educom, GCCI, professor Raghuveer Vernekar added: “It is heartening to note the enthusiasm of Goa students for this innovative and educational initiative. Even the preparatory experience for GQC is an engaging and fun experience and students should take part in it more for elevated learning than just for winning prizes.”

Endorsed by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, GQC has a prize pot of `4 lakhs, with the seniors champion taking home `1 lakh cash, among the best in India for competitions of similar nature. Additional prizes, medals, trophies and shields for other winners, school toppers and champion schools add to the sheen of GQC.

(Registrations for GQC are open till September 30, 2020 at: Students registering early get early access to WhatsApp Quizzes to prepare for GQC. Details: 9356429326.)