Munch on this


As a kid, Reuben Rodrigues hated going to the kitchen. Five months ago, he started a food account on Instagram and a YouTube food channel in collaboration with his mother. He tells NT BUZZ how this came to be


Reuben Rodrigues’ mother and grandmother have always been good at cooking. But as a young child, Rodrigues didn’t quite share this love. Things changed when he enrolled for a BSc in Hospitality at Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Aplied Nutrition, Porvorim and he slowly began cooking. But the lockdown took things up a notch.

“The whole family was at home during that time and I being the hungry ‘patrao’ always had a craving for different dishes. My mother only agreed to cook the dishes on the condition that I volunteered in the kitchen,” says the Margao-based 19-year-old. But helping her out in the kitchen was no easy task as his mother was quite the perfectionist. “Even the slightest mistake in chopping or food plating would be met with a scolding. She is like the next Gordon Ramsay,” says Rodrigues laughing.

As Rodrigues delved deeper into his kitchen experiments, his cousin suggested that he should open a food account on Instagram. Although he was hesitant at first, he finally took the leap and started one ( Within a day, he acquired 150 followers. Buoyed by this support, Rodrigues decided to take it seriously.

“I mostly focus on authentic and traditional Goan cuisine because my mother believes that these dishes need to be documented and should be enjoyed by the future generations too,” says the third-year student, adding that while he has learned the tricks of food plating at his institute, and as a trainee at a starred hotel in Goa, he also innovates and adds his own touch of crazy to his creations.

But it is taste and quality that matters the most, he says. “Cooking cannot be substituted with ordinary and cheap quality stuff, compromise in quality is a big NO for me,” he says.

Besides this, Rodrigues and his mother run a Youtube channel ‘The Food Diary From Mom to Son’ with 600+ subscribers.

“I have also taken food challenges like eating the spiciest homemade noodles on my Instagram and collaborated with fellow Goan bloggers for a video on Goan food called ‘The Goan Bite’,” says Rodrigues, who also represented Goa in a video on Independence Day called the ‘Pass The Food’ challenge with 28 bloggers from 28 states.

And Rodrigues believes that food and cooking can be a great comfort during these stressful times. “Food is comforting. Indulging in comfort foods enriches the body, the mind and the soul,” says the young chef in the making who has big dreams.

“Presently my dream is to get verified on Instagram and be the craziest, innovative, and funkiest food blogger of Goa,” he says. “Time will decide my future journey.”