People rob fish after vehicle meets with accident

Locals making away with fish scattered on the road after a fish laden vehicle meets with an accident at Collem.

Ponda: In a bizarre incident, a fisherman whose vehicle met with an accident at Collem near Amigos Hotel was robbed of fish and was left unattended by locals on Sunday. As per information, a Jeep fell on its side with around 12 boxes of fish worth around Rs 25,000, out of which maximum fish was stolen by people passing by the accident site.

According to police the incident occurred at around 2 pm on the Ponda-Belgaum highway at Collem near Amigos Hotel, when a Bolero jeep was transporting fish to a Mollem based hotel. The driver lost control of his vehicle and the jeep fell on its side scattering the fish on the road.

The injured driver requested people not to steal his fish and stated that it will be a major loss for him. But people continued to loot the fish until police reached the site.

Videos and photos regarding the incident have gone viral on social media and people who stole the fish are being criticised for their act.